Customizing Rooms

over 2 decades

A Husband and Wife DUO

our story

I was introduced into a new look called Shabby Chic, appliques and finishes on beautiful furniture by my husband and secret weapon. We developed very early on our own rose designed appliques. Which led to our brand Villa Bella. I traded it in for creating our European Romantic Rococo French style application of appliques resulting in our one-of-a-kind creations. Inspired by my exposure to Paris, Spain, and Italy, Homes of the super wealthy and Royalty. I think somehow belong in those surroundings. And so do YOU.

Karla Claus

A Women's Design Line

Villa Bella is really a Women’s Designed line. Most of my clients are women who can choose the home interiors. Everything is custom. It can be unisex. It can be Princess. It can be tailored to what your heart’s desire Mostly it is destined to be over the top. My buyers are Mostly Women are given the children’s room, nursery, guest room, and kitchen to do as they desire. But there are some Women who can design the whole home with their Husbands blessing.

Great impressional Women

Beatrix Potter, Martinek Bebe, Shabby Chic, Phyllis Morris, Habersham, Plenty’s Horn, Bratt Décor, Jane Semore, Kathy Ireland, Ann Gish, Art for Kids, Sweet Pea of California, Brady Hey, Bliss Home and Design, and Éclat by Christin just to name a few. Each one leads a powerful brand, each one unique.

Breathtaking custom designs, truly amazing!

Jill W, Santa Monica

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